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Dragon Egg

  These are sites that have to do with Outlook Email Stationery, either having already made stationery you can download to use, or help/learning sites.

  1. CloudEight Stationery
    • for stationery and helps
  2. StationeryHeaven
    • for stationery and helps
  3. Lettermans Stationery
    • for scripts, help and reference
  4. Old Man River's Stationery
    • for stationery

fire line

  The next sites or Yahoo groups are great for learning either about Paint Shop Pro or HTML. For anyone who has never been in an e-group, they are Wonderful places to meet good people that enjoy the same things :-)

  1. Budding HTML Gurus
    • to learn how to write HTML for a Web Site, classes are 20 weeks long and begin twice a year
  2. The Wizards Castle
    • a Yahoo and Annex Cafe newsgroup to learn HTML for Outlook Express Stationery, 22 lessons at this point and growing, work at your own pace
  3. PSPPals
    • a Yahoo group to learn about PSP version 8, 1 lesson sent a week and is required
  4. PSPMadeEz
    • a High volume Yahoo group that offers several tutorials a week for all levels
  5. Juelle Web Design
    • a group and class to learn more about the design aspect of a Web Site, 20 lessons, more of a work at your own pace :-)

fire line

  This next few will be for PSP, tutorial sites, stuff for PSP, and maybe a graphics site or two.... :-)

  1. a Plugins index
    • a list of some of the most popular plugins
  2. Gardendale Designs
    • some pretty masks for PSP
  3. Mayza's House
    • tons of tutorials for frames
  4. PSP Tubes
    • tons of tubes!
  5. The Plugin Site
    • lots of plugins for PSP

fire line

  Finally, but certainly not least, the sites of some Dear Friends I have met online. This section is bound to grow, as are the others, as I grow and meet new people :-)

  1. Old Man River
    • Lloyd is the Dear Soul who helped me make my first stationery with an html script :-) A kinder, gentler person does not exist on earth.
  2. KuntreeScrappin
    • Darla's site, a girlfriend that has sure been here when I needed her :-)

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