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Here is where I'll be keeping the list of tuts posted to the PSP8Sisters group. They can be worked and posted to the group at any time. Please add the link to your post so if anyone would like to play with it they won't have to search to find it!

Remember we strive for creativity, feel free to change any of the elements in the tuts. If it calls for a Pay Plugin and you don't have it, there may be other options you can use instead, or just leave that step out. Please post a question to the group if you would like other options that may be close.

On the Other hand, feel free to use all the elements in the supplies given if you like them or short on time to search for others.

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Petit Ami
Christmas 2016
Fairy Frame
Oriental Lady
Begin Again
Christ Living
Birds and Beads
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The font I am using is BlackChancery, my favorite font. You can download it Here

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