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  Here I will give my Thanks to those that have helped me reach this place I am :-)

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  1. To my Sweetie Joe
    • who has been a friend long before being a Sweetie :-)
    • who gives me the freedom to create here
    • who makes me smile everyday :-)
    • who was my support and help with Mama here her last year on earth
    • without whom my life would be much different and dull and empty
    • Thanks Sweetie!!
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  2. My brother Ralph
    • who gave me my first computer when I didn't know what to do with it :-)
    • who is my tech and advice man to this day :-)
    • who keeps giving me more puter power to grow and learn
    • who has been here when I needed him the last few years
    • who will always be my "bro" :-)
    • Thanks Bro!!
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  3. To my girlfriend Dar
    • who has been here for me through the hard times
    • who has felt my tears and laughter and still was here :-)
    • who has become my sister :-)
    • Thanks Dar!!
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  4. To the Ladies of Distinction in AllVictorian
    • my first e-group and helped me grow to this point
    • who always encouraged and praised my efforts, even when looking back they were tiny steps
    • who, as of now, would have to kick me out to get rid of me :-)
    • Thanks Ladies!!
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  5. To Lloyd "Old Man River", owner of SharingPspMadeEz
    • for helping me make my first stat with HTML script :-)
    • who is the kindest, most gentle soul on earth
    • who I would love to meet for coffee someday.....
    • Thanks Lloyd!!
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  6. To Jon "Wizzard", owner of PhunWithWizzard&Dragonette
    • for helping me be more creative and challening me to do more :-)
    • who is kind and thoughtful
    • who shares an interest in the more erotic side of art :-)
    • Thanks Jon!!
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  7. To my personal friends here at home, and some far away, but, each one helping to shape this person I now am. To each of you, I Thank You for being a part of my life :-) You each deserve a page of your own here, but, for now, I hope this will do!

    • Dee, my longest friend from high school
    • Cindy F, a co-worker who became my sister over the many years we worked together
    • Tina, who always thinks of others before herself
    • Tom and Cindy, who started as boss and grew into friends
    • My Ex, Monty, who after 25 years of marriage taught me patience :-)

  8. More dear friends I cannot leave out of my Friends list, each special to me in their own way (in no order!!)

    • Cathy R
    • William D
    • Lisa S
    • Miriam M
    • Karen L
    • Debra D
    • Buck and Nancy Y
    • Michael L
    • Cindy and Luis M
    • Ann S
    • Lynda M
    • Deanna C
    • and I know as soon as I end this, I'm going to knock myself on the head for leaving out 2 or 3!!

    fire line
  9. There are many others that have helped me learn and grow along the way, but at this point I hesitate to single them out for fear of leaving out someone I would truely regret. For now, please understand :-)

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