Another Kaleidoscope Background



1.       Open a new image and flood fill with your colour choice.

2.       Effects > Texture Effects > Blinds with the following settings:



3.       Effects > Reflection Effects > Kaleidoscope with the following settings:



4.       Repeat Step 3 and you will get this:



5.       Make a seamless tile with Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tile at default settings and you will get this:



This method does produce broken vertical lines; so there is an alternative method you may wish to try.


Effects > Plugins > Simple > Quick Tile which will give you this:



With the Simple Quick Tile the broken lines are not so noticeable.


Finish it off with FM Tools > Blend Emboss if you so desire. 




When working with very dark colours and shades, you may wish to use a lighter colour for your Blinds texture effect.


Have fun with this easy background tut.  I have used it numerous times for making stationery.