The Lady with a Dove

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All artwork used and/or offered in the tuts here are copyrighted by the original artists.

File names have been kept as they came to me. If I know the original artist, credit is given.

Under No circumstances should you use any of the Supplies given to create something to sell.

On the other hand, use your own personal photos or drawings/artwork and sell away!!

Paint Shop Pro 8+ Tutorials

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Natalie's Tuts

My Dear Friend Natalie has allowed me the pleasure of hosting her tutorials. :-)

Thanks Natalie!!

Summer Wind Frame   Summer Wind Frame Another Kaliedscope Background Another Kaliedoscope Background
Three Petaled Kaleidoscope Background Three Petal Kaleidoscope Background Bezier Curve Background Bezier Curve Background
Bezier CurvesBezier Curves in PSP8 Princess Diary's FramePrincess Diary's Frame

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My Tutorials

For Paint Shop Pro

Printable Stationery   Printable Stationery
Glass Frame   Glass Frame
Simple Strip   Simple Strip
Simple Text Effects   Simple Text Effects
Reflection Tag   Reflection Tag
Organizing your files   Organazing your files
Masked Patterned Frame   Masked Patterned Frame
Wave Frame   Wave Frame
Butterfly Tag   Butterfly Tag
Mosaic Tile Tag   Mosaic Tile Tag
Sparkle Tag   Sparkle Tag
Fire Tag   Fire Tag
Money Frame   Money Frame
Lace Frame   Lace Frame
Doily   Doily
Rainbow Frame   Rainbow Frame
Happy Halloween Tag   Happy Halloween Tag
Fairy Frame   Fairy Frame
Fantasy Tag   Fantasy Tag
Pattern Frame   Pattern Frame
Valentine Frame   Valentine Frame
Misted Stationery Strip and Matching Tag   Misted Stationery Strip and Matching Tag
Happy St Patty's Day Tag   Happy St Patty's Day tag
Reverse Corner Frame   Reverse Corner Frame
Wave Reflection Frame   Wave Reflection Frame
Ding and Texture Frame   Ding and Texture Frame
Boxed In Frame   Boxed In Frame
Edge Mask Strip   Edge Mask Strip
Floral Delight   Floral Delight

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For Outlook Express

Adding a Business Card   Business Card
Using the Outlook Express WizardMaking Stationery with the Outlook Express Wizard
Message Rules in Outlook ExpressMessage Rules in Outlook Express

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Computer Help

Cleaning Your Computer System   Cleaning Your Computer System

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The font I am using is BlackChancery, my favorite font. You can download it Here

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I do not know the artist of the Lovely Lady in the graphic I used. If you know I would be grateful if you would email me and let me know so I can give them credit.