Wave Frame

Beautiful Art by Josephine Wall. Please visit her site Here.

Wave Frame

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For this tutorial you will need a graphic.

I used PSPx, but this will also work in 8 and above with little change

Paint Shop Pro X, you can get Here.

No outside filters were used.

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1. Open your choosen graphic in PSP. Shift+D to duplicate, then close the original.

Pick a light color from your graphic for the Foreground, and a darker color for your Background.

Resize your image so 350px is the "short side". For example, 350px wide and say 450px high, or 450px wide and 350px high.

Images-Add Border. 3px Symetrical, with either your Foreground color or Background, depending on which would look better to you :-)

If you have a light graphic, your dark Background color may look better, or if your graphic is darker, the lighter Foreground color may be better.

A Hint to make these type borders easier.....

Once you have your Add Borders window open, right-click in the color box.

Down in the bottom left of the new window is your Foreground and Background colors, just click on which you want and Voila!!

Example 1

Images-Add Border, 3px your second color.

Images-Add Border, 3px first color.

2. Images-Add Border, 30px second color.

With your magic wand, tolerance and feather at 0, click in the 30px frame.

Effects-Image Effects-Kaleidoscope, starting with these settings.

Example 2

You may want to change the Horizontal and or Vertical offset numbers to better suit your graphic.

Please feel free to change settings to suit you!!

While still selected, Effects-3d-Cutout, V&H at 0, Opacity 100 and Blur 15.

Select None

3. Image-Add Border, 3 px first color.

Image-Add Border, 3px second color.

Image-Add Border, 3px first color.

4. Selections-Select All.

Selections-Modify-Contract by 48px.

This should have your ants marching just inside all the framing you have added.

Example 3



Example 4

You may want to change the Wavelength in Horizontal and Vertical by a number or two.

Depending on whether your graphic is wider or taller, you will need to play just a bit here.

The settings I show here is what I used for the example at the top of the page.

While still selected, Effects-3d-Drop Shadow, V&H at 1, Opacity 100 and Blur 5.

Selections None.

Add text if desired and you're done!!

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Example 10
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This tutorial is simply from my play. Any resemblance to other tutorials is accidental.

My Terms of Use for this tutorial are as follows: You may send the link to this tutorial, but Not the tutorial itself, to whomever you think will have fun with it. Groups are welcome to use the tutorial.

I do not know the author of the Floral art I used here. If you should know, I would be happy to give proper credit!!

This page and tutorial are copyright to Janie Shipman, May 2008.

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