Princess Frame


Written for PSP8 by Natalie


Supplies Here. Unzip the mask to your masks folder and the silver tile into your patterns folder.

Greg's Factory 2 Here. Unzip into your plugins folder.  

1.    Open a graphic file and make a duplicate; minimize the original.  Resize and Adjust > Sharpen if necessary.

2.    Select two colours from your graphic, a lighter one and a darker one.

3.    Image > Add Borders (symmetrical checked) of 8px, and flood fill with one of your selected colours.  Then go to Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel with the following settings:



Selections > Invert.  Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout with the following settings:



Repeat the Cutout effects with Vertical and Horizontal at minus 2.  Selections > None.


4.    Image > Add Borders with a width of 35 px.  Flood fill with the other selected colour.

5.    Effects > Plugins > Gregs Factory Output Vol. II > Pool Shadow at the default settings > Okay.  Select None.

6.    Image > Add Borders of 15 px with the first colour.  Effects > Inner Bevel with the same settings as before.  Selections > Invert and apply the Cutout as before, plus and minus 2.  Deselect.

7.    On your Layers Palette add a New Raster Layer.  Flood Fill with a silver tile from your Patterns folder.

8.    Layers > Load/Save Mask From Disk > JD Mask 47.  Right click on Mask layer and select Delete.  When the popup asks if you wish to merge into the layer below, click Yes.

9.    Selections > All.  Selections > Float.  Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel with the same settings as before.  Selections > None.

10.                       Effects > 3-D Effects > Drop shadow with the following settings:



Deselect.   Selections > Merge All.  Save as.  You are done!      ;o)