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For this tutorial all you need is PSP and a graphic :-)

I used PSPx, but this will also work in PSP8 and 9 with little change. For earlier versions you could use the Simple Filter-Quick Tile to achieve close results.

Paint Shop Pro X, you can get Here.

The 2 graphics I used are Here. I have left the file names as they came to me, although I do not know the artist of either. If this is your art, I would be happy to give you proper credit, or remove the art as you choose.

As always, I challenge you to get Creative as you try this tutorial :-) Use different graphics or change the settings to what looks best to you.

What you make is only limited by your imagination :-)

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1. First, we start by making a "feathered" selection from a graphic. Choose a graphic that has a piece you want to separate from the background. Look at the example on the top of this page, and at the one at step 3, and compare it to the original graphics included. Shift-D to duplicate the image you choose and close the original.

There are 2 ways I'm going to give you to Pull Out what you want. Which you use will be dependant on what you want to feature.

2. In the example above, I wanted to grab the bouquet. I used the Freehand Selection Tool found in the flyout where the Magic Wand is. Settings as below.

Example 1

The amount of Feather will be outside the border you are about to make.

3. Pick a starting point with your cursor, left click and if you move your cursor you will see a "string" attached. That string is your guide. Begin to outline by clicking around your focal point, double clicking at the starting point when you are all the way around. The feather is going to Fade the outside edge, so you don't need to be exact. When you double clicked you should have the Marching Ants surrounding your selection.

In the second example here, I used the Selection tool to grab what I wanted.

Example 2

4. I used the Selection Tool with these settings.

Example 3

Find the close center of your focal part, left click and hold to Draw the Ellipse out. If you didn't get it like you wanted, Edit-Undo and try again :-) Took me 4 times to get it like I wanted!! LOL Remember the edges will be faded and a bit larger than your actual selection, so don't draw all the way to the edges.

Now, either way you made the selection, you have the Marching Ants around your focal point. The next step is the same for either.

5. Right click on the top bar of the image, choose Copy. Right click again and choose Paste as New Image. Now you have the "misted" image we will continue with :-)

Add a new Raster Layer. In the layer palate, left click on the empty layer and drag it to the bottom. Choose your Flood Fill Tool. Pick a light color from your graphic for the Foregound color, and a dark color for the Background. Flood fill the empty layer with the Light Foreground color. Now, go to Adjust-Add Remove Noise with these settings.

Example 4

6. Now go to Effects-Art Media Effects-Brush Strokes with these settings.

Example 5

7. You should now have 2 layers in your layer palate. Highlight the top layer, and then right click on it. Choose Duplicate. Click on the Middle layer to highlight it again. Go to Effects-Image Effects-Seamless Tile with the Default settings. Lower the Opacity of that layer to about 20%. Right click on any layer and Merge-Merge All.

Selections-Select All. Selections-Modify-Contract and make it about 7, give or take depending on how wide you want the Frame. Selections-Float. Effects-3D-Cutout with these settings.

Example 6

8. Selections-Invert. Effects-3D-Inner Bevel with these settings.

Example 7

Almost Done!!

Add text if you wish for a tag or use as is for stationery.

To finish, go to File-Export As-JPG Optomizer, and click OK with the default settings. Save it as a jpg with a name you will remember :-)

Example 8

You're done!! Now play some more :-)

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My Terms of Use for this tutorial are as follows: You may send the link to this tutorial, but Not the tutorial itself, to whomever you think will have fun with it. Groups are welcome to use the tutorial, but I would like to know first :-) Please drop me a note of request Here before posting in a group setting.

This page and tutorial are copyright to Janie Shipman, August 2007.

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