Bezier Topper Backgrounds


These instructions are written for PSP8

and are not my original idea which was shared by Elaine.


Supplies Here. Unzip the 20~20 mask and Fade Bottom mask into your masks folder, and the tube curves into your tubes folder.

1.      Open a new transparent image 1024 x 300 px.  Flood fill with your choice of seamless background tile.


  1. Go to Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk and apply the Fade Bottom Mask.  Go to Layer Palette and right click on the Mask layer > Delete.  When the box pops up asking if you wish to merge this layer into the layer below, click YES.


  1. Open a new image 1024 x 500 white.  Copy and paste your first image onto the new image as a New Layer.  With your Mover Tool, move the patterned image to the top, making sure the pattern covers the entire top portion of your new image.  Merge Visible.  On the Layer Palette slide the Opacity down to your taste.


  1. Copy and Paste your bezier tube as a New Layer.  Move your bezier line into your desired position, making sure that it creates a line right to both sides of the tile.


  1. Hide the merged layer so that all you see is a transparent image with the bezier curve.  With your Magic Wand, click above the bezier line and flood fill with your pattern again.  Deselect.  This makes the portion above the curve fully coloured and the area below muted.  You may wish to adjust the opacity of the newly flood filled pattern to your personal taste.  Open up the visibility on the merged layer and you will see the finished background tile.  Once you are satisfied with this effect, Merge All Flatten.


  1. You may add a tube with a drop shadow, or you may use a jpg image where a 20/20 mask has been applied.  When adding additional images, copy and paste as a New Layer, then move with your Mover Tool.  If you are going to watermark your work, apply the watermark as a new layer.  Once you are satisfied with your results, Merge All Flatten, and you are all done.




If you wish to use a coloured background, make sure that you flood fill your white 1024 x 500 image before applying the masked tile.  Also make sure that you use this colour in your text script; otherwise you could end up with a two-toned background if you run out of space when writing your message.