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My type is larger than normal for those that have trouble reading the small stuff :-)

Under Construction!

I am completely re-doing the beginning of this site. It started many years ago when I took an online course, which is no longer up. I would not be here today if it were Not for that course, so I am sorry that I can't link to them now.

Juelle Portfolio, was my second set of online classes to learn. There were 20 lessons in that one, and most had more than one page :-) A lot more pages, but no real content to read, just working with HTML, some JavaScript and graphic elements. I am sad to also say that class is no longer online, Not because it didn't do a Great job teaching, but, it's an easy burnout. Sadly I've seen far more groups burn out than thrive. A note about the Portfolio, there are a couple pages that no longer work because of updates to Windows, sadly I cannot fix them, but I won't take them down because they were Awesome when they did work :-) It was part of the lessons, so I will leave them be.....I wish you could see them as they should be :-(

The Angry American link is several pages of personal feelings.

Thanks Elizabeth, For Charlotte, Stephanie Hibberts, Joe B and John and Kathy, Bailey and Alyssa are pages I did for friends.

PSP8 Tuts is a page of tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, some written by a good online friend, Natalie, most written by me :-)

Mad Buttons is a page or 2 of things that make me crazy.....LOL

What's at this site

Dragon Egg
I will begin with a little about Me.
  • Who I am
  • What I want to do
  • Where I want to end up

Final Words for now :-)


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Graduation Certificate from Budding Html Gurus

Graduation Certificate from Julie, my Team Leader at Budding Html Gurus

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