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My type is larger than normal for those that have trouble reading the small stuff :-)

Site Explaination

The first 7 pages of this site were the result of my first endeavor creating a site.

If you follow the Next buttons at the bottom of each page, or click the first 7 links in the menu to the left, this was the entire beginning.

The next link, Juelle Portfolio, was my second set of online classes to learn. There were 20 lessons in that one, and most had more than one page :-) A lot more pages, but no real content to read, just working with HTML, some JavaScript and graphic elements.

The Angry American link is several pages of personal feelings.

Thanks Elizabeth, For Charlotte, Stephanie Hibberts and Joe B are pages I did for friends.

PSP8 Tuts is a page of tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, some written by a good online friend, Natalie, most written by me :-)

Mad Buttons is a page or 2 of things that make me crazy.....LOL

Now, back to the original dialog..... :-)

  I am beginning my journey into Web design here. The hard way, by writing my own HTML:-) I come into this with some small experience....I love to make and use email stationery for Outlook Express using HTML scripts. Although that is using code that others have written, I am now on a mission to write my own.

  I am currently taking an online course that I would recommend highly to anyone wanting to write their own HTML code for a Web site. It is BuddingHtmlGurus. The course is 20 weeks long and I am on my final lesson, this site, May 26, 2004 :-) I would like to take this time to give special Thanks to Jenni for creating the course, and Julie, my group leader, who was always helpful and kind. Without them both, I would not be here today!! Thanks Ladies!!

  I am also taking two online classes for the graphics program I use, Paint Shop Pro Version 8. Seems I am learning something new everyday lately :-) Hopefully the "play" I've done the last few years making email stationery will begin to pay off soon!!


What's at this site

Dragon Egg
I will begin with a little about Me.
  • Who I am
  • What I want to do
  • Where I want to end up

Next I want to list a few of My Favorite Sites that are important to me.
  • Stationery sites and helps
  • Learning groups
  • PSP sites
  • Friends sites

Almost last here, my Thanks
  1. To my Sweetie Joe
  2. To my Brother Ralph
  3. To my Dear friend Dar
  4. To the Sweet Ladies in AllVictorian
  5. To "Old Man River" Lloyd
  6. To my personal friends at home

Here I will have some of the Stationery for Outlook Express for you to download and use

Last are my Final Words for now :-)

At any time you can jump to the other pages from the menu on the left :-)

And a New Venture I have begun......classes with Juelle Web Design!

You will find the link in the menu on the left to my new Juelle Portfolio :-) This class teaches more of the design aspects of a web site, and at lesson 3, I am really having fun with it!


Now, mid February of 2005, I have completed the Juelle Web Design course :-) And what fun it was!!

Currently I am back at work in retail at a place called Fred's, a "dollar" type store, working for a friend from my old job (Thanks for the job Michael!!) :-) And working on a scripting class Wizard's Castle for the email stationery I enjoy long as I keep learning I am Happy!! LOL

Great news!! I have been promoted at Fred's :-) Monday, May 2, 2005 I begin as Assistant Manager at a brand new store being built in Adairsville. Thankfully it is a little closer to home, that in itself will be nice! This will be my 5th new store opening, first at Fred's, so I know how hard it will be :-) Silly me is looking forward to the challenge!! LOL

Also, I am now co-owner of a PSP version 8 Yahoo learning group PSP8Sisters (and Brothers!!), an easy going and fun group of Great folks :-)


May 2006 now, I'm finally updating things here :-)

Most of the updating is adding new pages to the menu on the left....pages I have done over the last couple years :-)

I'm also about to celebrate my year anniversary at work, with a Fabulous Team!! Thanks Ladies and Gents for making it fun to go to work!!

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