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Dragon Egg

  My name is Janie and I'm 67 years young :-) I'm a flower child growing old still loving the flowers. I love the beauty of nature and my yard is full of plants and bushes and trees that bring color and blooms to my yard.

  I enjoy creating in many forms: in the yard, with crafts (crochet, cross-stitch, latch hook, wood working and cooking), and on the computer with graphics and making pages for this site. There is little in life I like more than completing a project of any kind knowing I did my best and feeling good about the outcome :-)

  My favorite things are:

  • Dragons
  • the color Red
  • J.R.R.Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings and the recent movies
  • Fantasy
  • Anything written by Anne Rice
  • The Harry Potter series
  • Working with graphics and HTML on the computer
  • And last, but should have been first, My Sweetie, Joe :-)


What I want to do

  I would like to find a way to make enough money online to live on :-) Possibly both in designing Web Pages and YouTube. At this point I am beginning both, but think I am up to the task in either. My motivation is my desire to be home, and make a little money while being here. Again, I am working towards that end in several ways :-) First I think will be to get this page going well! This is a learn as I go thing :-) But as long as I keep learning, that is OK!!


Where I want to end up

  I would like to have a few accounts that I make Web Pages for, begin doing vlogs for YouTube, and continue my learing of scripting, HTML, Java, VBS and CSS. At this point, all of this is dreams, but an achievable one I think. We will see as I continue my learning!!


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