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Dragon Egg

  My name is Janie and I'm 50 years young :-) I'm a flower child growing old still loving the flowers. I love the beauty of nature and my yard is full of plants and bushes and trees that bring color and blooms to my yard. I enjoy watching the birds as well, and with 10 feeders in the yard of various seed, the variety of birds is amazing to me.

  I enjoy creating in many forms: in the yard, with crafts (crochet, cross-stitch, latch hook, wood working and I am beginning beading), and on the computer with graphics and making email stationery for Outlook Express. There is little in life I like more than completing a project of any kind knowing I did my best and feeling good about the outcome :-)

  My favorite things are:

  • Dragons
  • the color Red
  • J.R.R.Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings and the recent movies
  • Fantasy
  • Anything written by Anne Rice
  • The Harry Potter series
  • Working with graphics and HTML on the computer
  • And last, but should have been first, My Sweetie, Joe :-)


What I want to do

  I would like to find a way to make enough money online to live on :-) Possibly both in designing Web Pages and Ebay. At this point I am beginning both, but think I am up to the task in either. My motivation is my desire to be home all the time, and yet make money while being here. Again, I am working towards that end in several ways :-) First I think will be to get this page going well! This is a learn as I go thing :-) But as long as I keep learning, that is OK!!


Where I want to end up

  I would like to have a few accounts that I make Web Pages for, a steady Ebay income, and continue my learing of scripting, HTML, Java, VBS and CSS. At this point, all of this is dreams, but an achievable one I think. We will see as I continue my learning!!

  I also hope soon to have some of the stationery I have made posted here for you to download and use. This is something else I need to learn to do, although I think it's more of "put this here" rather than a big deal.....this I think will happen soon :-) Streaming music is also something I am working on now, I seem to be hit and miss there :-( But it will all work out I am Sure!!

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