John and Kathy

Senior Fun!!

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This page was made to Honor a Couple of Wonderful People :-)

John and Kathy

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John moved here, Northwest Georgia, a couple years ago. To my work town, within walking distance of my store. Of course he quickly became a regular :-) And some where along the way, when he came to shop, he would bring in all the shopping buggies in the parking lot!

One of his sons had moved here, and he moved here when he retired.

Most of us working at the store are ladies, and it is Such a sweet and Appreciated chore he takes care of for us!!

His wife Kathy was still up North, not quite ready to retire, but came down to visit for Christmas, and the two of them would clear our parking lot.....

Kathy retired and moved down here perhaps a year and half ago now, and is working part time at the store.

What a couple!! They are a part of our family without a doubt :-) Sweet, caring, involved at church and with friends. John loves Elvis and riding motorcycles, and right now working on his new truck.....and of Course Loves Kathy!! Kathy is a Nascar freak, not just a fan.....LOL And enjoys sports and Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks John and Kathy!! Your Kindness and Friendship is a Treasure :-)

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