Alyssa and Bailey Prom 2016

Alyssa and Bailey

Spring Sweethearts 2016

Well, this one was fun!!

This young couple are just Adorable :-) Both with a good head on their shoulders and a direction for their future in careers, Bailey in Law Enforcement and Alyssa in the medical field, not quite sure which branch yet, but has already taken some classes.

They both worked where I do, Alyssa still does for now, but Bailey has already begun his journey.

I find it Very encouraging that these two young adults are on a path to achieving rather than blaming the world for not just Giving them a free ride.

Free rides, Always end, and usually Just when it is also Too easy to blame the world for pulling the rug from under their feet.......awwwww that must Really hurt their poor tushies!!

I am So proud of these two fine Young People.

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