My Home, May 2007

My Home

May 2007

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How things have grown at my home :-)

In the picture above, you are coming down the path to the house. There's a climbing red rose that will soon cover the first arch you walk through. The goldfish pond is in front of the big window on the right.

There are actually porches on the left and right which you can't see here :-)

The picture below is the left patio, you can see filled with plants.....LOL

Left Patio

Here's a closer shot of the right patio and entry to the pond area.

Right Patio

If you went through that entry, this is what you would see...the "front room" :-)

On the left is the fish pond and right is the bird area.

Front Room

Here's the pond and "stream" leading into it.

Pond and Stream

A closer view of the pond.


Next is a closer is bigger than it looks....part of the green you see is plants in the water and part is flowers around the edge.

Closeup of pond

This one shows the "stream" flowing down to the pond. The sound the water makes is just like a trickling brook you happened across in the woods :-)


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This next few is the back patio....and one of my favorite places....the hot tub :-)

First, after walking out the sliding glass doors in the den (right behind my Puter Center), and through the screened in back patio, you can see the hot tub covered ahead on the right. This patio too is full of plants....veggies and herbs :-)

Headed to the Hot Tub

The following shows the back side patio, looking from beside the hot tub to the front of the house.

Side patio

In that picture and the next you can see all the pots filled with tomatoes, peppers, blueberries bushes and herbs. The one below shows a shot from the other end of the side back patio looking back toward the hot tub.

Side patio from Front

Finally, a shot of the Hot Tub.....where I'm about to go.....LOL

Hot Tub

And to finish, a closer view of the hot tub :-) This baby seats 5 easy, 6 in a pinch. Ahhhhhhhh :-)

Come on in!!

You can see, everything is growing here :-) Soon we will have fresh tomotoes and peppers ripe for the picking, if I'm lucky, some cucumbers, squash and beans too. Herbs and flowers are abundant here too. As well as fruit trees and bushes :-) What a joy it is, here at home!!

Home remains my favorite place to be :-)

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