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Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

Let me first say, there is no where I would rather be than here in America! We enjoy freedom few other places on earth have. We have also payed dearly for the freedom we have with the lives of many Americans, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends. We owe those that gave their all, one thing, to remember what they have given.

I also want to give my Thanks to all those who fight today to keep America free. I pray for peace in the world and that there will come a time no one will need to fight for our freedoms.

Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

Now, let me explain why I am an Angry American.

I worked in retail for 31 years before quiting to take care of my Mother, who had Altzheimer's. We had to have her in a personal care home through the first stages, the wandering, and violent periods, but there came a time when her money ran out, and after checking into the possibilities, the only answer for me was to move her in with me, quit work and take care of her like she took care of me.

This was a major life change for me. I never had kids, and she was at this point, much like a 2 year old. It was very hard to see Mama this way, she was always the strong one, a nurse in WW2, overseas, retired as a Captain after the war, but remained a nurse throughout her life. There will soon be a page here dedicated to both my parents :-)

Mama was with me for a year before going to heaven to be reunited with my Dad, the only Love of her life. It was a hard year, but, one I was very fortunate to have. The last few weeks of her life were very hard to bear. Knowing the end was close, but not being able to Do anything was torture. At this point Hospice was coming, and they were another blessing. They were always so concerned with how she was doing and gently taking care of Mama.

Mama passed quietly in her sleep one night, and as hard as it was to let her go, I was thankful she was no longer suffering. 2 years later and I still miss her very much.

The beginning of the anger starts while Mama is still with me. After I quit work, I took the 401k money from work to do some improvements on the home to accommodate her, had a ramp built so it was easier for her to walk up and later for the wheelchair she needed. We made the extra bath one handicap ready, took out the small tub and installed a walk-in shower, put in a handicap toilet. I also needed the money to pay bills. Come next tax year, I was penalized big time because I didn't roll the money over into some other retirement plan. As far as I'm concerned, that was money I invested into the company I was working for, and the government should have No say on how I spent it!! Instead of putting Mama on Medicaid and costing them more of my tax dollars, they penalized me !!

Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

Around 6 months after Mama's passing, my money is gone and it is time to go back to work. Yes, I guess it is my fault I took a little time off for me, and wasn't as careful with money as I should have been. On a final little trip before getting back into a regular grind, my car died. We had to call my friends son to come pick us up and tow the car home. Things went from bad to worse then, broke, can't get a job with no way to get to work. Bills piling up, no money coming in. I applied for food stamps, thinking it must be easy, I've known several people to get them who could have been working, just too lazy to work......geez, what a slap in the face!! They made me feel like a criminal! It looked like I was going to get a whole $50 a month, so I didn't even bother going back. Made me even madder at those I know beating the system!!

Here I've worked all these years, payed my taxes, and when I finally need a little help, I'm made to feel like the bad guy!! Now my anger is simmering. And because my Brother was kind enough to lend me enough money to keep utilities from being cut off, they considered it "income"!!! I looked around at the women in the food stamp office, with all the kids running around, none seemed to be hungry to me, the women, shall I say, were on the round side?? Anger beginning to boil. I went to a local food bank for a little assistance too, and, came home with junk. I was expecting maybe some hamburger, veggies, what I got instead was old pastries, and mexican food. Now I am really angry. I have never felt prejudiced in my life, but, I am fast becoming that way toward mexican's, and, I did Not capatalize that on purpose. This is America!! I do NOT want to see Spanish on everything I buy!! I don't care Where you are from, or what you speak at home and with friends, but do Not look to me to learn Your language, we speak English here......

The food bank was the final straw for me. Here I am an American who needed a little help, and all I can get is Mexican food!! Needless to say, I threw it out. Seems they are accomodated in My country more than I am. And that makes me Very Angry. Perhaps I am the dumb one, it seems all these people from foreign countries know how to come here and get all kinds of assistance, and me the dumb American can't get a little help when I need it. What do they all know that I don't?? I am back working in retail, and I have to tell you it makes me furious when I'm running a register and they open their wallets to pay and pull out hundreds of dollars. Where are they getting all the money???

And, the saddest part of this all, I know many in their 40's and above who are having great trouble making ends meet. Mostly due to medical problems. We are caught between a rock and hard place when the decisions are to either pay medical bills, or pay for the meds needed, or eat. There is something very wrong with the need to have to make that decision.

Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

I will end my first page here. The second page will have some well written essay's that convey my feelings better than I can. I hate politics because the whole system is eaten up with itself. Those in office, new and old, are caught up in a system so corrupted it is impossible to clean, or overcome. Too many benefits do we allow those who make the laws. They should become "one of us" again, paying into Social Security like the rest of us, and their expences looked at by the IRS just like mine is. No more partying on taxpayers money!!

Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

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Yellow Rose and American Hearts Line

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